Wednesday, June 13, 2012

July 12. Planned. One baby. Yes, I'm sure of that.

Oh my GAH! 

I should have made a t-shirt that said all of the above.  I have been asked 8 jillion times those same first it was kinda of cool like "hey, it actually looks like a bun in the oven, not that I went a little overboard at Dunkin Donuts."  Now its kinda like "do you really need to know? Do I even know you? Can I rub your belly, too?"  

With less than a month until baby T hopefully arrives* let's reflect:

*ahem, baby T, I'd like your birthday to be the 4th of July...hint hint.

I'm like 5 minutes pregz! Sweet, time to show off that bloat.
Bought my first maternity shirt; totally unneeded at this point but hey, it was like totes cute.  I'll prob wear it unpregnant, too.

Obvi pushing out my stomach so it looks like baby not bloat (note: this was in February, baby was the size of like a tortellini noodle at this point).

Woohoo, a little bun in the oven! 
Skipped a few weeks.  Defs a baby in there. Now is about the time all the stupid questions get asked ("are you sure there's only one in there?!" "Uh no, I'm obviously going for octo-mom 2012." I mean really people, come on.)

Glamour shots: Knocked Up edition

I believe when I texted this one to my homegirls the caption was "fresh out of birth classes and scared sh*tless." Yeah, at least the hospital looks like a hotel.

Why yes, I did swallow a watermelon.  Thanks for noticing.  Oh and yes, amazingly there is still only one baby in there! You can stop asking now.

Ok, so there's me.  Little T's room will be finished tomorrow! HOORAY. I mean I've only been trying to get it done for like 6 months now*

*note: we have Hopie to blame for this one...took homegirl like 8 weeks to find the "perfect" dresser and it will be delivered tomorrow.  

So in case you are all just dyingggg to see his room, which he won't even use for another few months, I'll put up pictures later this week.

Peace out.