Friday, November 11, 2011

The Gifting Page

For the past several months I have been thinking about getting a part-time job (keyword here: thinking) for some extra holiday spending money (remember the "you made it to December" gifts.... plus I need to give some attention to the star I took off of the angel tree, plus I like to get books for my kids, and lastly because I need to spoil my dogs husband).  As I was doing some research about how to make money quickly, without having to do too much (I mean come on, I don't already work 85+ hours a week or anything...) I found this super cool program: Amazon Associates.  Basically I advertise products that are sold on Amazon.  And basically YOU buy them and I get paid! :)  Works out for everyone!  I will be frequently posting products that I think may be helpful to you as you prepare to do holiday shopping.  Help me out by sending along my blog to your friends and family ;)  Thank you in advance!

Yesterday I posted about Amazon's Christmas Corner which is a wonderful starting point to finding both home decor as well as gifts for everyone.

Today I am going to post a link to another page on Amazon.  This Gifting Page is the perfect place if you have no idea where to start.  It is broken down by recipient, price, and product category.  There are a wide range of gifts in each category and as always, the prices are unbeatable.

Still don't know what to buy someone? How about an Amazon gift card, so ya know, people can buy salad spinners and stuff.

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