Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cheers to: Christmas!!

I am a full believer in celebrating and honoring one holiday at a time; and while right now is the time to give thanks and appreciation for all that we have, I am also a full believer that it is never too early to at least begin thinking about Christmas.  I mean hello, it takes Santa a while to process all those orders.

I usually start looking for ideas of what to buy and make around this time, it helps put me in the holiday spirit and I just flat out like it*

*note: I won't listen to Christmas music until Black Friday though.

Speaking of which! BF is right around the corner! I have never been one of those people (you know, at the mall by 2am), but thats only because I have never been much of a deal hunter until recently.  I have, however, taken advantage of the new "Cyber Monday" (what a modern world we live in!) and have done some online buying then.  I came across Amazon's Christmas Corner today and my mind was completely blown! WOWWWZAAA! There is just so much stuff. I didn't even know where to begin (reminds me of going into a department store...during a sale...).

Once I got my act together and was able to look around a bit, I realized I could do almost ALL of my shopping there (including what I'd like to purchase for myself, as a..."you made it to December!" gift)  plus get ideas of things I'd like to make*!

*or at least attempt to, you know me, not much of a crafter...too impatient!

I highly suggest you check it out, you can buy anything from toys, to decorations, to trees, to books, to salad spinners! (I actually would really like a salad spinner...hint hint: anyone).  I'm thinking about starting an Amazon Wish List and letting it carry over into my birthday month*...

*do I think Hope and JJ are even hip enough to know what Amazon is? No, but still...

Click the link below to go to the Christmas Corner and Cheers Y'all!

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