Monday, September 5, 2011

I Re-repurposed an Old Table

Remember a few months ago when I shared my obsession for HGTV and thought I could totally repurpose an old table?

Remember this poor thing? 

I scrubbed, sanded, and painted this old table; but, I didn't like the result.  

Here's the ugly result. It looks like it belongs in a nursery, not a living room.

Today I decided I'd had enough of looking at something I couldn't stand.  I love, love, love the gorgeous combination of yellow and gray, so after googling for a little while, I found a doable design (I am by no means artistic so I look for things that 8 year olds could do).

I like my new table so much better. It still looks like it could belong in a nursery (maybe that's my new calling? Painting nursery furniture...?? ehh), but it will do for now (until I buy some hot pink paint...).

The picture doesn't show it very clearly, but I also added a new drawer knob.  It's a darling pearl-colored flower I found at Home Goods a few months ago.

What do you think?

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