Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Decorating Inspiration: Fall

I like Fall a little bit.  I'm not wild about cool weather and the clothes that accompany it; sweaters and vests make me look quite, uh, marshmallowy.  But y'all, there is something I do like about Fall: the decorating!  OMG, I just LOVE the deep oranges, yellows, reds, and browns that nature and Target produce; they are so cozy- makes me want to curl up by a fire (note: we don't have a fireplace, devastating).

Ever since i became just slightly obsessed with Pinterest, I have found hundreds of marvelous Fall decorating ideas; I even made a wreath (trust me, I don't have the necessary crafting skills to do these things).

Well how perfect, the dang picture won't upload.  Don't worry, it looks like a 5 year old made it.

Fall decorating is almost, just almost, as exciting to me as Christmas decorating is.  If you can get around to it before Christmas comes, then I hope you can look to these ideas for some inspiration!

What I just LOVE about this simple wreath is the burlap bow! What a darling Fall touch to a year-round wreath!  
Idea found on: http://lookiewhatidid.blogspot.com

What's cuter than a decked out college wreath!? LOVE this one (yes, yes I realize I didn't go to ECU, however, these are also JMU colors so I can easily pretend it says JMU and has pictures of the Duke Dog). 
 Found on: http://www.nothingsbetterleftunsaid.blogspot.com

Gorgeous display of some Fall blooms.  I tried to do something similar last weekend, but all we grow around here are pine trees and weeds. I guess I can go "borrow" from someone...  ;)   
Found this beautiful idea on: http://sdweddinginsider.com

Absolutely loving everything about this corner.  Christmas lights on your pumpkins- what a brilliant idea!  This is such a welcoming entrance! Inspiration from: http://www.xun-wang.com/

Ummm, how presh is this one?! Expect to see this sitting proudly on my front porch.
Found this cutie on: gordongossip.blogspot.com

How do you decorate for Fall/can you come help me for free ;)

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