Thursday, August 4, 2011

Simple Summer Recipes

Its about time I write a new sorr to have kept you waiting Meg Kelly. I have so many things I want to share; but for the sake of your sanity and interest, I've decided to only share some delicious recipes I've used and/or created recently.  Many times I use cookbooks as inspiration and deviate from the recipe to make it my own (slash sometimes I don't have the correct ingredients...whatevs).  If you're like me and eating is your fav, enjoy!

Green Bean Peach Salad
 (is greenbean one word?)

Doesn't this just scream fresh ingredients from a farmer's market?! I used home grown green beans (no, I didn't grow these. Idk how to garden...yet) and peaches picked up at the good old IGA.  It was so easy to make, and most importantly very tasty.  I plan on making this again before summer is over.

White Onion
Parmesan Cheese

1. Pick the ends off of the beans (this used to be my fav thing to do for my mom...weird, right?) and cook over medium heat.

2. Saute sliced onions and garlic in olive oil.

3. Slice peaches. Does anyone else have a difficult time slicing things that have a pit? I wouldn't be surprised if no one else does...I mean, I don't either ;)

 Combine green beans, peaches, and onions.  Squeeze lime juice over salad and sprinkle some parm and rosemary over top.  

4. Eat! I served the Green Bean Peach Salad with brown sugar pork and cucumber/mushroom couscous. So delish.
 BTW, I didn't tweak this recipe at all.  It seemed like such a strange idea that I wanted to follow it exactly.  I found it in the August issue of Better Homes and Gardens, my new old lady mag.

Jerk Tuna Salad

Ok, I'll go ahead and say it for you: WTF Court?!  Right? It sounds weird and, it is a weird combination; but trust me, it is awesome.  Typically when you think jerk you think junior educated rich kid.  Hah, remember that stupid thing.  But for real, you think about sitting in a sketchy little shack on the edge of the Caribbean, eating spicy Jerk Chicken cooked by an even sketchier Jamaican.  At least thats what I think of, because I've been there, done that (ps- if you're ever in Jamaica stop at the Seafood Palace on the main road between Montego Bay and Ocho is to die for).

I really don't like tuna, its so blah. I was feeling creative the other night and decided to invent a new tuna salad.  Yeah yeah, there are so many cooler things I could have done, but ya know. I promise if you try this you will like it; at least I hope so...

Shredded Carrots
Sliced Onion
2 Boiled Eggs (I only like the whites, but you can totes use the yolks too) 
Jerk Seasoning

1. Combine carrots and onions in a tupperware (or hey! maybe you have a monogrammed bowl!)

2. Add tuna and a little bit of mayonnaise (be wary of this- if you use too much you are in for a mushy, gray tuna....vom)

5. Chop eggs and add to tuna

6. Sprinkle salt, pepper, and a generous helping of jerk seasoning. Sorry I don't have an incredible looking tuna sandwich picture, but here is what it looks like in the tupperware ;)  It tastes amazing! I love how its crunchy.  It is so not boring anymore! mmmm.

pps- I just realized I went from step 2 straight to step 5. NBD. Isn't life about being unique anyways?

Shrimp Pasta with Lime

Talk about simple.  Even Anna can do this one.  Simple does not mean boring or yuck, btw, this recipe is so good.  I mean so, so good.  Shrimp and lime are both very summery and light.  Paired together= yum.  Aight here it is y'all.

1. Over medium heat, cook shrimp (until pink) and garlic in EVOO (if you don't know this, please look up Racheal Ray asap).  Add parsley just before removing from heat.

2. Meanwhile cook the pasta. duh. I used Radiatore noodles (I'm all about the fun shapes); however, Taste of Home recommends using Linguini.  Different strokes for different folks.

3. Combine shrimp and garlic mixture with noodles and squeeze half a lime over top.

4. Anna, can you do this?

5. I feel like I've left something out but I've had a bit too much wine to think of what...

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