Thursday, August 25, 2011

Color Inspiration: A pop of Bright!

Decorating with beautiful colors is all the rage these days; however, people tend to stick to calm, neutral colors (I am totes guilty of this).  Every now and then, especially on a dreary day, we just need a POP of something really bright!  Dare to be different; let these gorgeous rooms inspire you to use a pop of color in your home.

A classic combination of pink and green, so preppy, so beautiful.  This picture is from House Beautiful, a wonderful place to look for inspiration.

hbx-decorating-Berger-2-0709-xlg1.jpgWoah, someone is brave. I am using this same color as a pop in our house, but on a much smaller scale.  Photo courtesy of

front+door+.jpgI love, love, love this idea! However, I know a special someone that would not like to walk through a yellow door every day. Sad.  I found this charming front door on a cute blog,

4758628188_25162326d0.jpgI am not a fan of this actual room and design, but, I do love that cobalt blue- its simple, a little less dramatic than the above hot pink, yet its classy and pulls the look together!  This idea comes from a blog called Auction Decorating, check it out- she's got neat ideas:

I promise to share my POP! when it is done (slash, started...bitches is poor these days), I can't wait to see how it changes the look of the room!

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