Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cheers to The South!

Last night I was on the very verge of sleep, that coveted time when you are so comfortable and so ready to drift off, when the TV caught my attention, pulling me out of my mindless state.  What I heard was some guy with a thick southern (read: redneck) accent talking.  Please y'all, it wasn't his voice that caught my attention, I hear enough of that around GC daily, but it was what he was saying that made me sit up and grab my phone to jot down some notes (isn't the iphone just so handy?!)

This man had nothing but praise for the South, despite all of the notions and misperceptions people may have.  This man was pointing out wonderful things about our not-so-little region of the country (apparently the "South" includes 1/3 of the continental US; however there are many arguments over which states exactly the South does encompass-but thats neither here nor there right now).

This Deep South man's ramblings reminded me of why we as Southerners are so proud to be Southern.  I got so into the show I ended up staying up until 10:30 to watch the whole thing (we don't typically see 10:30 around these parts, hell I rarely see 9:30 for that matter).

As I was watching I furiously typed some of what he was saying into my phone to use today. So, for all the Southerners out there who are proud of it, or for the yankee reading this (Meg Kelly), here is a reminder of why the South is just so... awesome.  Enjoy :)

(Btw, I can't really give credit to this man because idk who he is or even what the show was called, but just know, these were said by some man on some show on the History Channel).

1. As he was talking about all of the unique people that are from and live in the South: "That's the beauty of the South, you never know what you're going to get." Ain't that the truth.

2. While talking about the Northern states' "cockiness": "We're bigger, we're better, and hell, we were here first"

3. This man talked about how people who aren't from the South have this totally wrong idea about Southern folks: "The misperception is that we all talk and act like The Dukes of Hazzard." He must never have been to a place like Greene....

4. When talking about the South, the mullet is an inevitable part of the conversation: "Have you ever seen George Washington or Thomas Jefferson's hair? People copy celebrities hairstyles all the time, don't you think thats where the mullet came from?!"

5. Last but not least, this is my favorite because I believe it is so true.  "The South is defined by how you live your life."


  1. Hey Courtney, I think we watched the same show... You Don't Know Dixie
    I hated I didn't get to see the whole thing, it was good

  2. Oo sounds good! I love living in Virginia! A girl I work with had a friend who is from Pennsylvania come visit and she kept talking how nice and kind people were down here! made me proud =]

  3. Beth- I think you are right! I vaguely remember something about Dixie. It was great- I'm going to keep my eyes out for reruns! Rebecca- I have friends that way too, my friend from NJ was down here last weekend and as we were driving an old man waved to us and she just couldn't believe people still wave! :)

  4. Love #4.... and a good mullet!