Saturday, August 27, 2011

Boots and 'Brellas

As I sit here typing this, staring out the back windows, listening to the news I'm all like wtf is going on with the world? What have we done to make the Big Man mad? Was it Kim Kardashian's hideous wedding gown?  I'm pretty upset about that too.  At any rate, its a fairly nice day here in GC.  Its cloudy with the sun peeking through and not a drop of rain (although there have been some luminous clouds hanging over the mountains to the West for a few hours); yet up and down the East Coast towns are being evacuated and airports are shutting down.  I've watched as several mayors have pleaded for their residents to scoot on out and then immediately after the news shows images of people still surfing?! wtf peeps, get out da water!

Any who, what a perfect time to go out and buy some cute rain accessories!! I mean, that is if 1-the store is even open and 2- if your local Target isn't already sold out, which they probs are and 3-you're not afraid of driving in some rain (which it appears that most people are).  Maybe you should just order online...

I'm not going out to buy any accessories because I'm a little too lazy on a Saturday morning and its the end of the month (don't these 31-day months just drag on?! I could really have used a paycheck, oh 18 days ago).  But, I do just love these dah-ling wellies and umbrellas.  I'd look quite stylish roaming the empty streets of NYC.

joules-red-posh-wellies-shoedaydreams.blogspot1.jpgSo posh! These Joules wellies are by far my favorite!, I just love a good bow. Too bad they are awfully expensive (but! they come in a few different colors!)

Wellies.jpgAdorable color combination.   I found these cuties on a super cute and preppy blog called Muffy Martini.

cute_rain_boots_and_wellies.jpgI'm loving all of these.  I like the heel on the black one- its different from what you'd expect on a wellie.  The buckle on the yellow, dots on the lime green, and bow on the pink just make my heart swoon.  The pink is a Kate Spade ($$$$$$$$$), green is Chooka Posh Dots, black is London Fog Wales Boots, and beautiful yellow is the Hunter Original Tall Welly Boot.  Dear Santa...please deliver.

85291_2-704294.jpg LOVE the pattern on this Katy Elliot umbrella. 

pink-dahlia-umbrella_040908.jpgGorgeous Pink Dahlia umbrella from Raindrops.

Stay safe and cute during the hurricane


  1. Glad its okay in GA, its really nasty here in Virginia. Not lookin good!

  2. hi Rebecca- thanks for reading and commenting! We actually live in VA, too, right outside of Charlottesville (in a tiny, middle of nowhere town). Its still not rainy here but it is awfully windy. I did, however, just talk to my grandparents in Georgia and they haven't had any weather. Stay safe!!

  3. andddd what happened to my pictures?! can anyone else see the pictures?