Thursday, July 21, 2011

Simple, Southern Design

Ryan and I bought a house (finally!) about 2 months ago.  It is really cute- just a classic one story with a basement, expansive front porch, and 4.5 acres.   

It took nearly a month to paint (we painted 8 rooms--everything but the basement) and I'm not near being done decorating.  Picking out pictures, pillows, and accessories has been fun and...expensive.  I try to be thrifty, but that's really not my specialty.  

While I am not yet ready to post any pictures of our house (give me another month or so to collect more odds and ends) I do want to post some pictures that inspire me and well frankly, make me jealous.  There is a house down the road from us that I run by everyday, and everyday I think that if I owned that house, I would decorate it very similar to some of these pictures.

I love our house, and I am happy with what we've done with it so far, but for now, enjoy these gorgeous pictures of truly simple and Southern homes.

 I love the classic yellow and gray look.  This decorator did a wonderful job pulling both colors back into each other.  He/She obviously watches HGTV ;)  The other thing I love about this is, it seems to maybe be a setup in a hallway or tucked into a corner of a room.  Great idea for a small space.

Hello dream kitchen.  This kitchen embodies all that a Southern kitchen should, from its creamy off white to the yellow accents, big windows, and airy feel.  The colors are similar to those in my mom's kitchen, and I really envy her kitchen.  I love the use of the bar stools to maximize seating while not taking up a lot of room.  The chairs are simple and understated yet would compliment any color scheme.  One more thing to point out, this person did not go all out on the details.  If you notice, all that she is using for accents are lemons, plain lamps, a beautiful flower, a unique towel rack, and a black and white photo.  Very simple, very Southern-love it!

One day I hope to have a guest room similar to this.  The blues, yellows, and greens compliment each other well and create a feeling of total calm in this room.  I feel as though I could lay on that bed and just be at peace.  There is a lot of detail going on this picture.  Each pillow has a different design and the comforter has an intricate, colorful design; even the headboard has a pattern.  The simplicity of the chandelier, curtains, and the beige blanket pull the chaos of the different patterns together to create a beautiful room.

This kitchen intrigues me.  I have no idea what the backstory is, but I am thinking it originally was a very small, rectangular kitchen that had an amazing transformation to maximize space.  I could be wrong, though.  As with the above kitchen, the simplicity is gorgeous.  This designer stuck with grayish blue, crisp white, and yellow accents.  I particularly like these bar stools because they look similar to the color of our kitchen chairs.  The one thing I don't love in this kitchen but could live with, is the floor.  I feel like this kitchen is screaming for hardwood, but nevertheless, it is a beautiful space.

Don't you feel like you just stepped into a Nantucket cottage?  This room is perfect; its airy, adorable, and it gives the feeling of cleanliness.  It is very plain with some wonderful details such as the chandelier and design of the bedframe.  I would be in Heaven if I got to stay in this room for even just one night (can you imagine how I'd be if this was my house?!?) 

This has got to be one of my favorite ideas yet.  The bathroom door is a huge wooden sliding door.  So cool.  And not only that, but look at how the yellow and gray flow into the bathroom and create a bigger feeling space.  There is nothing too fancy about these rooms (except that tub) yet it feels elaborate and very welcoming. Hats off to this person, can I please hire you?

Can you tell that I really love yellow?  This looks to be an attic guest room and I love every detail of it down to the doorknob.  The headboards are almost exactly what I envisioned my kids having one day (I mean if they're girls...) or putting into a guest room.  The scalloped bedspreads are to die for; they are so simple but so elegant.  And I love the way the red in the flowers adds a pop of color to the room!

I like the picture mostly for the pillows.  I think they are so neat and I love the ribbons that surround each one.  I like that each pillow is unique; they remind me of Lilly. I'd love to jazz up our beige sofa like this.

The concept in this room is what I like the most: airy and comfortable.  The exposed, painted, beams on the ceiling give the area a bit of a rustic look while the furniture gives an air of sophistication.  The blue glass lamp is beautiful, I especially like that it has a simple shade.  The large windows open up what is probably a smaller room.  I could sit there and read all day.

Don't you wish you owned each of these rooms?! 

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