Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Favorite Youtubes

Admit it, you like youtube.  We all do, mostly due in part to the amount of really stupid videos there are on it.  I love stupid Youtube videos; they are like those really stupid movies (aka: Anchorman, Zoolander, Master of Disguise) that I can't get enough of.  Youtube, along with every other website in the world, is blocked at school. Typical. So unlike the rest of the working world, I can't watch the videos on my break.  Sad.  Certain friends are always sending me the latest, and stupidest, find.  After seeing them, perhaps its better that Youtube is blocked- I just never know when some child will wander back into my classroom because they forgot their lib books.

So here they are, my favs!

1. Top 60 Ghetto Names.  Now, you HAVE to watch this one all the way through; I promise you won't be disappointed. Fri'chikenisha.

2. Kick his ask. This one is also my mom's favorite.  That woman gets a real good laugh out of this.  You prob will, too.  When a little girl is asked about a monster...

3. Charlie Bit Me.  This one is just too cute to leave out.  These two little boys are so precious. I love their accents. Charlie

4. Pearl the Landlord.  Omg I love this.  I think Will Ferrel is hilar.  Its funny that someone actually takes the time to make things like this one. You scare me, you're an alcoholic

5. David After Dentist.  This kid is the funniest.  He just had some kind of dental surgery and he's really confused.  Hehe.  Is this real life?

6. You Can Vote However You Like.  My friend Whitney showed me this gem.  These kids are from the Ron Clark Academy and made this before the 2008 elections.  Its awesome.  Obama on the left, McCain on the right

7. The End of The World.  Rayray and I discovered this one way back when in 2003. I know right, I can't even remember that far back.  Its amazing.  Its another one of those made by someone who has a little too much time on their hands...and is very high.  And the Australians are like, wtf mate

8. Paris Hilton. I am by no means a Paris Hilton fan.  She's a little lame.  However, her rebuttal to John McCain's campaign video is really funny.  I'm just hot

I know there a millions more just like these that I've left off, if you know of a really stupid one, send it my way- you know I love it ;)

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