Thursday, July 14, 2011

Courtney Lately

Lately I have been...busy.  Every day from 7:30-4:30 I babysit two darling little angels.  To me, babysitting 7:30-4:30 makes for a looong day.  Interestingly enough, I work from 7:15-4:30 (at least) every day during the school year.  So what makes babysitting two kids so much longer seeming than babysitting and teaching 25 kids? idk. i really dk.  

S, E, and I have been on the go.  We swim almost every day.  We have a few choices that we switch between: pool in their yard, Green Hills, or the local redneck swimming holes (our personal fav).  We don't just swim, flip, and do handstands; we play categories. And we play categories every single day.  These girls can't get enough of that game.  I'm pretty sure we have covered every category on earth; I mean my most recent one was "items you buy at target"...I was getting desperate.

We've gone hiking; saw a really terrible movie: Monte Carlo; went to the most amazing book fair where I bought an unfortunate amount of books in my classroom (if anyone would like to donate some bookshelves...hint hint); we saw a cool reptile show; and today we saw Jonathan the Juggler--weirdest little man on earth.

Next week they are on vacay, which=vacay for Courtney.  Except not really, I plan to be in my classroom every day. Sad face.

Here are a few things from my life, lately.

Waterfall we hiked to. I was asked several times if we could please go to the top and slide down it. Really?

Casual stroll around the most beautiful neighborhood. nbd.

Fat boy sunning himself.  I can't get enough of this lil piggy.  Ok ok, this big piggy.  Doesn't he just look like he's in heaven?! 

Found these in my hanging fern.  Aren't they pretty?! Don't worry all you wildlife enthusiasts, I didn't touch anything; I hung the fern right back up and momma bird came back to her nest.

...and they turned out be the ugliest little things.  I hope they live in my fern forever so I can watch them transform into something worth looking at; although, the nest does sort of get in the way of my watering.

And last, my two favorite things.  I saw both of these when I was with my little girls; they didn't understand- they thought I was soooo weird for taking the pictures.  They'll get it one day.

I am so sad that this one is so far away.  The up-close picture is blurry.  This is the man: Robert E. Lee.  The caption reads: THE Virginia Gentleman.  Now, can we just get a Confederate flag on the other side of the plate??  just kidding.  sort of.

This one doesn't require explanation.  I recommend anything from Barboursville.


  1. Hey darlin, I love your blog =] Are you a fellow virginian??
    Anyways, SO happy I stumbled across your blog and found such a lovely site to follow =]

  2. Hi Rebecca- yep, I am from Richmond and currently live right outside of Charlottesville in Greene County. How about you? Thanks so much for following me! :)