Monday, June 20, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Yes, I love Julie Andrews. And why yes, I am turning 87 this year.

 Last week I shared some of my favorite monograms.  Today I want to share some of my favorite things...that I actually own.  As we have been unpacking and arranging our new house (!) I have felt a new appreciation for some of my possessions; namely those possessions that were stored in a basement for the last 9 months.

1.  First and foremost, I LOVE my copy of Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell.  This particular copy belonged to my great grandmother, who by the way, was not only friends with Mitchell, but was also the inspiration for the character Ashley (BTW, Ashley is a boy in the book... hmmm...).  My mom gave me this book a few years ago and since, I have read this book cover to cover and loved every exhausting minute of it.  At  the end, I always cry. I mean REALLY, I CRY at the end of the book! w t f?!  I get so caught up in each characters' story that by the end I am just so relieved.  Something is wrong with me.

2.  This gorgeous old chest.  Some silly person left it behind at the Woodlands.  My savvy husband noticed it was a gem and kept it.  We're currently using it as a TV stand, because hey, you gotta put your daggon 500 inch TV somewhere!  

3. My freakin' old ipod.  This thing is like 6 years old.  I think its called the Nano.  It hardly even works anymore, all you can do is play music- you can't add songs or make playlists.  But I love it.  It has all the old jams I used to listen to at UREC or would play while pregaming at JMU.  It has my favorite version of power hour on there, and best of all: its tiny and pink!  

4. My collection of old pictures.  These pictures range from high school through college and contain photos of some great friends who have made a lasting impression in my life.  Unfortunately, now that I'm like grown up or whatever, its not necessarily appropriate to hang pictures of Cate and I chugging a bottle of Bowmans (gross. why were we even drinking Bowmans to begin with?! I appreciate now being able to afford the finer things in life, like liquor in a glass bottle).

(Picture coming when I get the motivation to go down to the basement)

5. The Sound of Music.  I feel the same way about TSoM as I do with GWTW.  I even take TSoM to a bit of an extreme: I have the soundtrack downloaded onto my ipod. And yes, I listen to it regularly...but only by myself, I would never subject Ryan to that kind of torture (at least not yet...hehe). And if you have never seen the flash mob from the Antwerpen train station, you have to see it, hilarious: The Sound of Music--youtube

6.  Santa/my mom gave me these adorable lamps for Christmas this past year.  The stands are glass with a very intricate design of a long flower stem on them.  Presh.  And is there anything cuter than pokadots?! Speaking of which, is it polkadots like the music or is it pokadots like someone can't really pronounce the word "poker."  Wow, did I really major in English and don't even know what word I am trying to use in my blog!?

7.  And lastly, my dogs mean so much to me and I love everything about them.  But my favorite thing about them (and mostly really Elvis at this point) are the facial expressions.  I once read that pitbulls have the most human emotions of all dogs, and I truly believe this based off of the hundreds of expressions Elvis gives me everyday.  I walked into the room this morning to find El and Bo playing together, and by playing together I mean Elvis being really rude and bossy. I noticed he was trying to take the rope that Bo was chewing on so I was casually like "ELVIS! you are so rude!!" and he looked up and gave me this face.  How can the haters out there hate this? I think he's adorable.

Check ya later.

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