Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My feeble attempt at repurposing an old table...

I have never been a very creative and crafty person.  Growing up I was always so jealous of my friend Amanda because she was just sooo good at all of the crafts we did (and we did a lot).    Last year I found a small side table on Craigslist in the "free" section.  Since I watch HGTV religiously, naturally I thought I could totally repurpose a table.  I mean afterall, the girls on HGTV do it soo easily and in their nicest outfits! It couldn't be that hard, right?

Wrong. Here is the table in its "before" stage.  The lady I got it from had been storing it in her barn for many, many years. The table smelled awful and looked even worse, but I just knew I could turn it into something great.


Wrong again.  I stored it in the Thompson's garage until very recently.  I never even once thought about it through the past year.  Poor little table, it really needed some love.

Well today I was in our basement rummaging through some stuff when I thought I smelled the familiar nasty table smell. There it was in a dark corner; I didn't even know that it had made its way over to our new house.  I decided that something just had to be done with this table; afterall, I had once been really motivated to fix it up.  

I pulled out some leftover paint and got to work (after lots of sanding).  At first I painted the entire thing blue (it looks very white but is actually blue).  Then I thought, nah that's too boring.  I pulled out the yellow and got to work.  I'm not wild about the dots on the drawer but I wanted to pull the blue back into the yellow to make the two colors flow nicely, which is totes something I learned on HGTV.

I'm thinking about starting from scratch and painting it lime green.  Don't be surprised if you see a new picture of it in a few weeks...

I did one more craft today.  Except this hardly counts as a craft, it was the easiest idea ever.  

Find some cool wrapping paper and place it as the background in a picture frame.  It really added a lot of life to a rather plain frame. Go me.


  1. The table is sooo cute! Great Job!

  2. What colors did you choose for your walls? I need to watch more HGTv!