Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 Monogrammed Things I Love!

In the South, we are big on monogrammed items.  Southerners monogram everything from car decals to towels to dishes. I love monograms; I'd monogram my dogs if I could.  Here are some of my favorite monograms, enjoy!

1. Having a summer dinner party? How about some monogrammed salad plates to impress your guests? These plates are affordable and adorable.  They will create a unique place setting while showing off your impeccable Southern style.

These plates, made in Athens, Georgia, can be found at LA Plates and come in many different designs. 

2. If you know my sister Anne, you know she loooves koozies.  Go to any drinking event in the South and you are bound to see koozies in the hands of many beer lovers.  Add a little sass to that Bud Light with a monogrammed koozie (or as some people say, "huggie"--I don't know about y'all, but to me, huggies are diapers. Diapers should be totally unassociated with beer).

This koozie (pink and green! very preppy), along with many others, is being sold on etsy for only $12 (obviously customized with your own initials).  Fab!

3.  Monogrammed shower curtains! Helloooo cuuuute bathroom! I actually had this exact same shower curtain back in my single girl days.  Had to update my style once I had to share my shower...however, I would definitely consider putting one of these in one of our guest bathrooms.  Its simplicity is understated; a monogrammed shower curtain looks elegant and can pull the look of a bathroom together.

Monogrammed  Waffle Weave Shower Curtain

A monogrammed shower curtain is quite pricey as compared to going to your local BB&B to buy one, but, boy are they fantastic!  This particular one comes from Lilly Pad Embroidery for $119.  

4. Every southern girl I know has a closet full of pashminas.  We love to wear pashminas; we wear them as scarfs, we wear them as shawls (ew, what a grandmother word, but I couldn't think of a better one), and we wear them as shrugs.  Pashminas are great!  If you don't own a pashmina, gurrrrl, you better go get one! They are a timeless piece that compliment many outfits (need something to cover your shoulders at a wedding? pashmina! Need a beautiful scarf to wear both inside and out? pashmina! Just want a closet full of beautiful colors? pashmina!). 

Pashminas!  Gorgeous Colors!-monogrammed pashminas, personalized pashminas, pashminas

At The Monogram Store you can buy a gorgeous monogrammed pashmina for under $30! I think that may be my next purchase (of course, ever since my Lilly Pulitzer disaster I may need to wait for my July paycheck ;) ).

5. I know some friends who have a dreadful commute to work; in other words, they have to like, walk to a train or subway or something equally as terrible sounding.  And then, once they're off of the train/subway they still have to walk several blocks.  Meg Kelly, I'm thinking of you when you work in NYC. So how about those rainy days? vom. Need a little pep in yo' step on your way to work? Monogrammed umbrella!! duhhh.

What if you are planning an April wedding? There's a pretty good chance you're going to have rainy day! gah! What if you gave your bridesmaids each a monogrammed umbrella?! Photo op!

Mulberry Moon has a variety of colors, fonts, and price ranges to choose from. Rainy days aren't looking so bad now.

Do you have a favorite monogrammed item? 

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